Our Mission

The club will serve its members and use the game of baseball to provide services for athletes that encourage life skills development by providing the best learning experience possible. Each athlete will be challenged to become a stronger athlete, better ball player and a respectful young man. The goal of our club is to provide the highest level of competition and the highest caliber of coaching to prepare serious players for high school varsity baseball and beyond. 


Our Values

The Cascade Crush Baseball Club is committed to teaching players to take pride in their team(s) and respect the game of baseball. The very nature of the game ensures players will be challenged to develop important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and how to effectively deal with adversity. The CCBC strives to instill values of Commitment, Passion and Drive in each of its players; not just for the game of baseball but in all of their future endeavors in athletics as well as in life.


We are located in Washington State and will use Inside Pitch training facility in Bellingham Washington. Cascade Crush Baseball Club is a not-for-profit educational organization under IRS code 501(c) (3).

Our Vision

Our vision is a program of long-term commitment. We have structured the program, in a way, where players can continue building the skills necessary to be a committed team and community member. We are truly seeking year-round, life-long relationships with our players, guiding them and challenging them to become leaders both on and off the field. Our season never ends, and more importantly, neither do the relationships we build with the players and families who become part of the CCBC.

Cascade Crush Try-Outs

Cascade Crush Baseball Club Announces 2014 Team Tryouts


The Cascade Crush Baseball Club is proud to announce the formation of teams in the 11u, 12u, 13u, and 16u divisions for the 2014 Baseball season.  Teams will train at Inside Pitch in Bellingham and will be coached by Inside Pitch instructors.   The Crush teams are designed for the competitive baseball player and will play a heavy schedule that will include some travel.  The teams will start training in December/January and will focus on all aspects of baseball development.  If you are interested in signing up for a player evaluation or would like more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Inside Pitch at 360-647-1600.  The teams are open to all players that meet age requirements and there are no geographic boundaries.  These are competitive teams and players will be selected based on individual evaluations with the Crush coaching staff.

Cascade Crush


  • TBA Total Commitment
  •  TBA Initial Payment (Secures spot in CCBC) – Due by Dec. 31st, 2013
  • TBA Due on the 1st of each Month Feb. – Apr., 2013
  • Player Fee Balances must be paid in full no later than Apr. 1st, 2013
  • Any reductions to player fees will be subtracted from the final payment due Apr. 1st, 2013
  • Player Fees are Non-Refundable

Player fees may be offset by fundraising done individually or as a team.  The team fundraisers planned for the 2013 season are a “Hit-a-Thon”, a CCBC Garage Sale and a Golf Tournament.  Participation in team fundraisers is mandatory for every player (and family if possible) involved with the CCBC.  Funds generated by team fundraisers will help to pay for any additional costs (travel, additional games/tournaments, etc.) incurred by the CCBC.  Any remaining additional funds will be allocated toward player fees.

Individual fundraising can be done at the discretion of each player/family.  You are more than welcome to go out and fundraise or ask for sponsorships to help with your player fees.  One option we provide is a banner sale program through Inside Pitch.  Businesses may purchase a banner (2x3’ for $350 or 3x5’ for $500, money goes directly toward player fees; Inside Pitch will pick up the cost of the banner and the printing) to hang up at Inside Pitch with their logo and business info.  The banner will remain up at Inside Pitch for a full year and is a great advertising opportunity for local businesses!  For additional information on the banner sale program with Inside Pitch please contact Matt Tagman at (360) 647-1600.

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